New Reno Guitar Repair Same Old Great Service!

As some of you may now be aware of that Robert is no longer the owner/operator of Reno Guitar Repair. Fear not though as the new ownership will strive to always live up to the standard he set for us. So without further ado let me introduce myself my name is Wesley Wilkerson. I’m a graduate of Roberto-Venn school of Luthiery and a 5 year veteran of Gibson Guitars USA. With this knowledge it is my personal goal to bring to the area of Northern Nevada a world class stringed instrument service center. We look forward to becoming Reno’s premier stringed instrument service provider and its a pleasure to be here in this amazing city. Thank you for your time and have a great day!

  1. Luke R. Bucci Reply

    Anthony Postman referred me to you – I am one of his bass guitar students and have a 1974 Rickenbacker 4100 that has the small pickup go out erratically. Bill Parsons cleaned it up last year but he is retired now so you are it! I would like for you to work on my Ricko.
    I travel for work our of town Mon-Wed but could drop by Thu-Fri.

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